GET1029/GEK1067: Life, the Universe, and Everything

Taken in:
AY16/17 Semester 1

Prof Loy Hui Chieh
6-7 other tutors (for tutorials). Mine was Theresa Helke

What the module is about, briefly:
It’s philosophy 1101, it’s the intro module so there’s a different topic covered every week and you get exposed to the various dilemmas of metaphysics, epistemology, applied ethics etc. The module is not heavy in that you have to do a lot of work, but there’s weekly brain work involved. Lectures are all available on webcast so if that’s your thing sure why now. Tutorials are an hour long, weekly. (Please note that Prof Loy is working on changes for the upcoming batch and therefore there will be slight tweaks to the next year/semester’s syllabus the next time the module comes out.)

1 reading every week.

Not much, just that enough effort is needed to understand the concepts explained in the lecture. It is worth doing the readings, anyway you should, because there are weekly quizzes and some of them are literally lifted from the readings. There’s a blog where answers to the weekly quizzes are put up and also other ‘further thinking’ material that’s rather interesting if you’re into philosophy.

Format of assessment: (lifted from IVLE)
Tutorial Attendance and Participation — 10%
Reading Quizzes x 10 — 40% (MCQ)
Special Project — 10% (in groups of 3-5)
Final Exam — 40% (MCQ; closed book)

I kinda died for all the quizzes because maybe I didn’t put in enough effort, but when it came to studying for finals I sat down and actually went through each topic in detail and I enjoyed it. I think the module’s contents are thought provoking and it is worth listening to the lectures/following the arguments. It is good as a philosophy introduction module although there’s much room for improvement which the prof has already recognized and improvement is in the wings!

Overall rating (/10):


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