EN3249: Introduction to Visual Culture: Art, Film and Media

Taken in:
AY 16/17 Semester 2

Dr. David Teh

What the module is about, briefly:
Art history, visual culture, various mediums (photography, painting, videography, etc). Background historical context as well as relevance to current media and technological advancements.

mostly pdfs/readings (mostly in RBR, some given in package)

You should do AT LEAST ONE of the recommended readings for each week. This is because he covers some of the readings in lecture and it would be oh so helpful to know what he is talking about. Other than that, you just have to work for your presentation (whenever it is) and engage the class, talk to them…Lastly there’s a final research paper and for this perhaps a wee bit more of effort is needed, you got to go search for contemporary art events (or something you have been to before) and write about it.

Format of assessment:

Slide Test 30% (you don’t have to worry, this can’t really be studied for, just show up in class enough to know what it is about)

Review Essay (final essay, ’cause you’re reviewing the art exhibition you’re supposed to go for) 40%

Class part 15%

Seminar Presentation 15%

You’ll be rostered to present on a certain reading, based on the week’s assigned readings. You can choose one or two readings, and you can also choose if you’d like to work alone or in a group. I’ve seen people who present alone and do it realllllly well, some work better in a group, so really, your choice. For the presentation, you’d have to really engage with the reading (it’s not very hard, tbh?) and find interesting stuff that the class (who probably (like 80% chance) wouldn’t have done the reading, as you expect) would be able to be interested in.

Comments on lecturer:
He interrupts presentation, sometimes with useful comments, sometimes with less than useful comments. He’s a good marker and gives valid comments to work and stuff. His lectures can bore people sometimes but if you do the readings, and if you’re interested in the topic, it can be slightly less boring.

Exam difficulty:
Midterms – it’s like, you’d be asked to know the formal qualities of an image (so say like actually give the dimensions and also the material it’s made of, and perhaps where the artwork is displayed etc… and then give the contextual and cultural significance of the image

Finals -none.
Review essay is due week 12, pretty early, so get started on it fast!

It’s not art history, it’s an overview of visual culture, you do cover breadth not depth, so your choice. Interesting readings are given 🙂 You compare across various mediums of art and evaluate the differences and contextualise it.

Overall rating (/10):


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