GEH1061: Representation and Media

Taken in:
AY16/17 Semester 2

Ms Sofia Morales

What the module is about, briefly:
So this module comes from CNM (Communications and New Media) department. It begins with the basic theories of representation and media – ideas of signifier, signified, semiotics, creation of social constructs etc… (i.e. Foucault, Barthes, Butler…). These theories are then applied to real life contexts – Bollywood, KPop, Celebrity, Identity Politics etc. (There’s quite a fair bit of theory to be memorised)

Mostly pdfs that are available on the IVLE site, works from Stuart Hall, Judith Butler, Foucault, and other short articles and stuff. Manageable.

Do show up for class. Slides are like just a dump for random words, and quotes from the readings. But if you don’t go for class or do the readings you’d be quite lost. If you don’t do the readings like consistently, you’d be swamped at the end, because…(read next section)

Format of assessment:
So her midterms and finals, there’s both…

Tutorial participation 15%
Midterms 20%
Group Project 30%
Final exam 35%



  1. you’d be writing a 5000-6000 word report on any topic you choose
  2. in groups of 4-5, assigned by tutorial.
  3. if you’re fortunate, you’d get a good group. I sincerely wish you would, ’cause mine was literally amazing, super efficient, on the ball, and hardworking
  4. Start early, like week 6 or 7. Give yourself 4-5 weeks. GIVE TIME FOR EDITING. Most groups do like each person writes like 1.2k words and then everyone’s writing style is different so what happens is that you’ll need to edit it so it has some form of uniformity (not so obvious differences in writing style), although you can never fully make each part exactly the same.
  5. Choose something interesting. My group chose Arrow the TV series and wrote about the different kinds of stereotypes that were present in this case study – eg. superheroes, women, asians, etc.



She loves to tell her own stories, sometimes it is useful to the topic other times not so much. Go for lectures, they’re useful. She’s friendly and approachable, marked group project leniently. But I don’t really like the format of the exams personally. (More in the next section)

Tutorials are an hour long and slightly pointless.

Exam difficulty:

For midterms and finals, it feels like she wanted you to memorise the reading. It’s like extremely factual, I personally regret not studying harder (studying as in not just understanding concepts but also figuring out who says what and in what context). The exam is broken into MCQ, short answer and one longer answer (half a page). The first two sections are factual (that’s like 70% of the paper) and the last 30% is a short 10m essay question that’s ALSO (argh!) factual and barely analytical, which was the thing I couldn’t deal with.




Content heavy module. Wasn’t really what it said it would be, well yes in that it is still very very factual but little analysis and thought needed, just absorption power.

Overall rating (/10):




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