Module Reviews

Module Reviews


EN1101E: An Introduction to Literary Studies
SN1101E: South Asia: People, Culture Development
EU1101E: Making of Modern Europe
LAG1201: German 1
GER1000: Quantitative Reasoning – noooo pls, no.


HY2253: Christianity in World History
LAG2201: German 2
GEH1022: Geopolitics: War and Peace
EN2202: Critical Reading
EN2203: Introduction to Film Studies


EN3224: The Twentieth Century
EN3264: In Other Wor(l)ds: Post -colonial Theory & Literature
PS2203: Ancient Western Political Thought
EN3245: Feminism; Text and Theory
GET1029: Life, the Universe, and Everything


EN2201: Backgrounds to Western Lit
EN3221: English Renaissance
EN3249: Visual Culture
EN3242: History of Film
GEH1061: Representation and Media


TS2239: Major Playwrights of the 20th Century
EN4880A: Usurpation and Authority
SC3101: Social Thought and Theory
EN3223: The Nineteenth Century
GES (something)