Dearest FCBayern München

Dearest FC Bayern München, you played with bravery, intensity, passion and drive. We were constantly screwed by refereeing decisions that decided both legs of the tie but we played and supported with all our hearts. I love you, champions league or no, you're always my champions. I am so so proud of everything we did … Continue reading Dearest FCBayern München


Bayern Munich 4-2 Juventus (6-4 agg)

What a night. This match really revived the football goddess in me. FT: Bayern 6-4 Juventus (2-2, 4-2) 5' Pogba 28' Cuadrado 73' Lewaaaaaaandowski 90+1' Müllerrrrrrr 108' Thiago 109' COMAAAAAN!! So instead of writing a match report, I'm just gonna write something else. I think there were a few things that stood out tonight. Both teams … Continue reading Bayern Munich 4-2 Juventus (6-4 agg)