Week 10/11


The horrors of week 9, and 10…and 11 passed and I learnt that I was more, so much more than I ever knew I could be. I thank God first of all for everything, for seeing me through 7-8 events and 4-5 essay and assignment deadlines.

I called it hell week but somehow there were so many things that proved to me throughout the week that it was anything but hell week. I can’t believe the speed in which things happened. There was EPM, NUS Open House, Apologetics IFR, Scribe Finals, Wonderous Measure TS Production, ODAC’s Archery Tag, THDP. There were other deadlines, small ones, large ones, until I gave up writing them in my calendar because the list alone terrified me.

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Sem 2 Week 6 // Rest

This 6 weeks I noted some improvements from last Sem which is great. In summary;

  1. I slept more. That’s a darn great achievement. Need I say more? Well okay. On the flipside, I know I drank more coffee than necessary. But okay the good thing is I slept more and that’s very important.
  2. I chilled a lot more. I learnt to reject social commitments and put quiet time first. Of course if you saw my schedule you’ll be like what on earth that’s called lessening? Yes it is. It could’ve been worse trust me.
  3. I managed to consolidate thoughts and reflections and be sensitive to what I felt and had more time to deal with and think about them.
  4. It’s been a relatively quiet Sem and I do feel that while I deal with a lot of unrest inside, at least I can say had some good good alone time.
  5. The events that have already passed were satisfying and fulfilling. History Soc’s Project Scribe Workshop, The Impact(s) 1-5, orientation back at YJ for the kids which included house showcase, some cozy dinners with friends, well, I know there are many more events to come but so far, these have been great.
  6. I started training again. I thought I’d have to overcome mental fears more than physical fears but placing me in my natural habitat did some good and I naturally accustomed back and hopped right back on the gains train woohoo! The one setback if it is even considered one is that my DOMs are so painful I’m nearly dying walking around school. My body refused to get out of bed at 9am in the morning and (I don’t sleep past 8am usually). But it’s always worth it.
  7. The bestie; it has been a roller coaster for him so far but I’m glad I can spend time with him regularly. Facebook kindly reminded me we’ve been friends 3 years but it sure feels much longer. I’m thankful, always.
  8. Every Wednesday night with my crew brings me closer and closer to God and to them. I often thank God for them, the lessons learnt, and the family gained. I suppose the step I made to be part of Comm comm is the best thing I’ve done all Sem and no regrets 🙂


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Sem 2 Week 5 // Humbled

These people, well, I didn’t expect much when I first joined. In fact, I only stayed because post FOC 2015 I thought oh I have some friends here so I’ll stay. So it turns out this was the best decision I made all of last semester. You guys have been family, so warm, welcoming, not just superficially but deeply. I have had so many chances to relate to different people in different ways, we’ve had incredible times of laughter, BBQs, Impacts (Y), sharing sessions. It’s been such a blast, I cannot be thankful for you guys enough. The decision to join Community Comm was one of hesitation initially. I have more than enough commitments but somehow this one beckoned especially loudly. I wanted to be a part of something greater. So I prayed, and I felt moved to take this step. It is small. But I know nothing with God is insignificant or too small. As I go behind the lens every time we have events and I snap y’all smiling and enjoying yourselves, you guys bring warmth to my heart, in the midst of the jading atmosphere of rushing back and forth from tutorials and lectures, you guys are my midweek breathers every Wednesday. ❤


Sem 2: so far // Week 3

What a mad 3 weeks of the new semester it has been.

There were so many events, feels, things to do, deadlines… But in all this, I can say, I felt His strength. I guess beginning the semester was exciting; both in terms of the modules lined up for me and the upcoming (and ongoing) activities that were planned starting from the holidays and even before that. I started the sem with expectation.

However there was one resolution I’d made to myself this year that was to give myself more alone time, time with God. In the back of my mind I constantly tried to refrain from adding on commitments and scheduling unnecessary things into my timetable. Whether this worked or not is yet to be seen, but I know I tried, for a start.

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Hereby Sem 2 comes

So the mad rush began, from the train journeys to the classes. It was a sight to behold – people shoving other people out of the way, not exactly running but brisk walking, trying not to be late but barely on time, canteen crowds…

In all this I found myself a Y1S1 freshman once again, unused to everything that was simultaneously hurled on me. I was overwhelmed, deadlines and documents to read from IVLE and elsewhere piled up, I couldn’t even manage. In all these, there was my camera sitting quietly on my table waiting to be brought out for a day’s bonding session with me. Then there’s dad at home, he is barely home, and in the madness of Sem 2 I became unable to spend time, that I wanted to, with him.

Opening up IVLE some lecturers already uploaded all files for the semester into the workbin, there were also syllabuses, lecture 1s and more. I stopped and asked myself how on earth would I possibly go through this.

While I was in the pool of thoughts and work, my phone pinged and it was a message saying that there were meetings here, there, everywhere.

I sighed.

Time to make myself another cup of coffee.